Directions To Williamsburg West Virginia

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In southeastern West Virginia, From Interstate I-64,  traveling east or west:

  • Take Alta Exit No. 161. Last chance for fuel, snacks, and restaurant is at this intersection.
  • Take Route 12 North.
  • Immediatly turn right onto Route 60 East.
  • Immediately turn left onto Sinking Creek Road.
  • Follow the yellow center line 9 miles to Williamsburg. At Hughart the road name changes to Shoestring Trail.

In Order:

  • Community Building will be on the left.     9172 Shoestring Trail, Williamsburg, West Virginia 24991
  • Fire Station will be on the left.
  • Health Clinic will be on the left.
  • Elementary School will be on the right.
  • Post Office will be on the right.
After the Post Office, the road curves hard to the left - turn right onto Williamsburg Road:
  • Andrew Chapel United Methodist Church will be on the left.
  • Historical Foundation Museum will be on the right.